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About us


Welcome to Wild Horse Boutique, by Sheila. With a passion for fashion and a knack for creating stunning ensembles, Sheila established this boutique to empower women and enhance their confidence through stylish clothing and accessories.

Raised in Malakoff, TX, I graduated from Crossroads, a charming small town located just five miles away. At Wild Horse Boutique, we believe in building genuine connections with our customers, transforming them from mere patrons into valued relationships. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that everyone who walks through our doors feels like a red-carpet-ready and beautiful version of themselves.

In addition to my role as a boutique owner, I am also a devoted wife and mother. Together with my husband, we run a successful rodeo company, a fiber optic company, and a motocross facility. As you can tell, we are busy around here. However, that doesn’t stop me from pursuing my passion and helping women feel their best with our outfits.

Our children are actively involved in sports such as football, baseball, and motocross, which take us on exciting journeys to rodeos worldwide. As a family, we share a love for the beach and indulge in scuba diving adventures several times a year.

The Wild Horse Boutique staff consists of enthusiastic and outgoing individuals who genuinely love fashion and want to help others feel their best. My team consists of three talented employees, including Krysten, who has been an integral part of Wild Horse Boutique for an impressive 12 years. Alexa, a dedicated college student, has been with us for two years, while Mayliha, a high school student, joined our team a few months ago, contributing her skills after school hours.

Our boutique is housed in a historic building dating back to the 1800s, which we discovered in a dilapidated state. Initially skeptical, my husband recognized the potential of this unique location. We decided to preserve its historical foundation, resulting in unconventional steps throughout the store. While renovating, we retained certain brick walls, remnants of its past as a grocery store, adding character to our space. As the pioneering boutique in Malakoff, we have witnessed the growth of our community with the addition of three more boutiques alongside establishments like Whataburger and McDonald's.

 Our small town is home to numerous thriving businesses, and we are proud contributors to its evolution.

All gratitude to God because none of this would be possible without Him.


Sheila & The Wild Horse Boutique Family